Primary school

Our Primary School offers education to our students via eight years/grades. It provides full – time programs to small groups of students, minimum two, maximum ten per group. Programs are organized in two main areas. The first one is for students from 1st to 4th grade. They attend class teaching and usually have one teacher who teaches most of their compulsory subjects. The second one is for students from 5th to 8th grade. They attend class – subject teaching and have teachers for each of their compulsory subjects.
Beside compulsory subjects, our curriculum provides a broad range of daily activities for our children to practice their skills:
I - Introduction of compulsory subjects from I-VIII grade
II - Compulsory extracurricular activities:
- Individual activities:
а) Psychomotor practice (1st to 8th grade)
b) Speech practice (1st to 8th grade)
c) Corrective prevention exercises and play (1st to 8th grade)
- Additional support in learning (3rd to 8th grade)
- Class activities
III - Optional activities:
- Volunteer work (7th to 8th grade)
- Social and leisure activities (4th to 8th grade)
- Choir (4th to 8th grade)

IV – Compulsory extracurricular subjects:
- Civics
- Religion
V – Elective courses:
- Nature and environment ( 1st to 4th grade)
- Drawing, painting, sculpting (5th and 6th grade)
- Physical Education – children choose sports they like (5th to 8th grade)
VI – Optional extracurricular activities:
- Excursions
- Creative activities
- Choir
- Cultural and public school activities