Secondary School

Our Secondary School offers education and training to our student that is primarily vocational. It provides full – time programs via a number of professional areas offering education to small groups of students. The School delivers a wide range of professional and vocational programs in the fields of mechanical engineering and textiles. Our courses last for four years and at the end of the course our students are entitled to a professional vocation of:
1) A tailor
educational profile - konfekcijski sivac
2) A locksmith
educational profile - bravar
3) Agriculture, food production and nutrition
educational profile - cvecar/vrtlar
Beside compulsory subjects, our study program provides a broad range of daily activities for our children to practice their skills:
I – Compulsory activities:
- Additional practice
- Corrective practice
II – Optional activities:
- Volunteer work
- Social and leisure activities
III – Optional extracurricular subjects:
- Civics
- Religion
IV - Optional extracurricular activities: - Excursions
- Creative activities
- Choir
- Cultural and public school activities