Boarding School

Our Boarding School provides traditional full boarding for juniors and seniors. Our committed, caring and highly professional team of defectologists and pedagogues are familiar faces for our boarding children. With their encouragement, constant care and support they feel at home and contribute to house life through joining in, enjoying being with their friends, eating and sleeping well and learning to manage and organize themselves. All alongside working hard and making the most of all that is on offer.

Our boarding has the capacity for 40 borders, with dedicated two bed, three bed and four bed bedrooms and full capacity bathrooms upstairs. Teacher’s bedroom is also upstairs. Downstairs, there are relaxation/ recreation areas fully furnished with plasma TV, two-seater and three-seater sofas. There is a classroom and teacher’s office also fully equipped with all of the necessary modern furniture. Our students have three main meals and two snacks in a modern dining room.

Educational work is done by defectologists on weekdays and weekends, which makes the process of empowering, upbringing and learning more qualitative and contributes to better overall development, especially in the adoption of self-service activities and care, developing personality, integrating in the social environment and improving their school performance. This work is based on the differentiation and individualization of educational content, in order to satisfy the individual differences of each student in view of his / her psycho-physical abilities, previous experience, character traits and their way of reacting to things. The educational process includes the planning and programming of upbringing, leisure time planning, cooperation with parents, other institutions and organizations.

Our borders have a full time health care which is carried out in cooperation with the School Dispensary as well as with the dental office of the Health Center Zajecar. Nurses keep health records, control and provide therapies, monitor systematic check – ups. In our boarding home, students live, grow, socialize, acquire basic life skills and develop attitudes of tolerance and solidarity.
A significant part of free activities is being done through the work of our clubs. We have rhythmic, sports, domestic and drama clubs. Very often, we organize going for walks, going to the theater as well as visiting the City events when organized.